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Meet Favi – Our November Employee of the Month

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Every month, we select one employee that has been remarkable. Please help us congratulate our newest Any Baby Can Employee of the Month for November 2016 – Faviela Parilla!

Favi is a bilingual case worker and teen parent educator at Any Baby Can. Favi works in constant collaboration with People’s Community Clinic, Lifeworks and Austin Child Guidance Center through two major programs, The Tandem Teen Prenatal & Parenting Program (Tandem) and The Best Single Source Plus Program (BSS Plus). Through these programs and her efforts she is able to educate and change the lives of young parents.

The Tandem Teen Prenatal & Parenting Program is led by People’s Community Clinic in Austin, Texas and it’s a program that provides medical, educational, and psychosocial support to low-income young parents and their children from pregnancy through the first three years of their baby’s life. By partnering with Any Baby Can, Austin Child Guidance Center, and LifeWorks, the program is able to offer a comprehensive array of services to young parents including intensive case management, mental health services, medical care and prenatal. The second program Favi works closely with is Best Single Source Plus a program which provides comprehensive case management and direct financial assistance to eligible individuals and families in the Austin/Travis County area. The program’s primary purpose is to establish housing stability and to both prevent and end homelessness.

On her day to day, Favi normally visits four clients, usually in their homes but occasionally in other places like at their prenatal appointments, attorney appointments, hospitals or child care centers. Favi is flexible and meets her clients where they need her most. During these visits she does a number of varied tasks. Most visits are parent education related. Through the use of Parents as Teachers (PAT) curriculum which is a home visiting model that gives parents the techniques and tools to make sure young children grow up healthy, safe and ready to learn, Favi engages with her clients and teaches them many parenthood tips and techniques.

“Being there for my clients at the beginning of the parenting process and seeing them slowly learn and use the parenting resources and tools they need to be a better parent is very rewarding,” says Favi. “Seeing them set concrete goals and meeting them is an amazing feeling and I feel honored to be a part of their lives and personal growth. Witnessing them mature in all aspects of their life is priceless.”

During other visits, Faviela works with clients who have dropped out of high school, are undocumented or are homeless, sometimes all three. Favi works with these parents no matter what their circumstances may be in order to help them get back on their feet. Favi helps young parents go back to school to earn their high school diploma or GED, helps them fill out college applications such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), helps them find and navigate through legal services, helps them fill out housing applications, she also teaches many how to go job hunting and fill out employment applications and so much more. Most importantly, Favi supports and helps young mothers every step of their journey to help them become more independent and self-reliant no matter how challenging it may be.

“Recently I found out that a few of my previous clients are currently attending Austin Community College and it was just an amazing feeling to see how far they have come and how motivated they are to pursue a better life for themselves and their children,” Faviela says. “The teen parents I work with have taught me to be humble every single day and to continue to meet my clients where they are.”

Faviela is an extraordinary example of the work Any Baby Can is doing and how young lives are being changed through hard work and dedication. Favi, you are greatly appreciated and we thank you for everything you do!

If you are a parent seeking resources, we can help. Give us a call today at 512.454.3743.

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