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Crafting a Happy St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is here which means it’s the perfect time to do an activity with your child! Here are two inexpensive activities that may be a perfect fit for your celebration:

Handprint Shamrock. A piece of paper and green paint are all you need for this activity. Place your child’s hand in the green paint and then place his or her hands on the sheet of paper so that the hand prints are in the shape of a shamrock. Then, paint the stem of the shamrock which will leave you with a beautiful masterpiece.

Rainbow with a Pot of Gold. For this activity you will need a sheet of any color paper, black construction paper, gold construction paper, and a few different colors of paint. Start by cutting the black construction paper in the shape of a pot, and cut the gold construction paper in small circles to mimic gold coins. These cutouts can be glued onto the blank sheet of paper at either bottom corner.

Then, start placing your child’s hand in one paint color at a time and place it on the paper with the cutouts. The first hand print should come from the top of the pot of gold. You will do this for the remaining colors placing the hand prints next to one another in the shape of rainbow. You will want to make sure that these colors mimic the color pattern in an actual rainbow. Once you’re finished, you and your child will have a colorful piece of artwork to cherish for years to come!

If you decide to do any of these activities, or if you have some of your own, we would love to see them! Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @anybabycan so we can see how you and your little one celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

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