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The Family That Eats Together, Benefits Together

It has become increasingly common to skip family meals and opt for a quicker option, such as fast food. With many parents leading busy schedules, it can be hard to find time. However, there are many benefits to sitting down and eating a meal together.

Studies have found that children in families that eat together tend to have better grades in school, and read earlier and more easily. The conversation that takes place at the dinner table helps to build a child’s vocabulary because they are being introduced to words that may not be present in the books that are being read to them, or that they are reading.

Having meals together also creates a stronger bond within the family. Given that many parents are busy throughout the day, dinnertime is a great way to relax and catch up on everyone’s day. You can even take it a step further by creating the meals as a family. Not only will it fulfill your hunger, but it’s also a great opportunity to teach kids a new skill and may also lead to your child being less restless at the dinner table. Since your child will have helped create the food, they are more likely to stay at the table longer in order to enjoy the food they took part in making.

While you are in the kitchen bonding as a family, take note that not only will you be boosting your child’s academics, but you are also saving money by having meals together. By taking the time to make and eat dinner at home, less money is being spent eating out. This may also lead to kids being healthier, because generally more fruits and vegetables are consumed when dinner is made at home.

With all of these benefits, it isn’t hard to see why you should make time for eating dinner together. But keep in mind that these benefits may disappear if dinner is eaten in front of the TV, or if cellphones are present at the dinner table. So for your next meal, unplug and recharge by having a meal with the entire family.

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