Baby Steps

Baby Proofing

When you are expecting, there are a lot of things you have to prepare for your baby. From decorating the nursery, to making sure diapers are readily available, your plate is sure to be full!

Sometimes you may not even consider small things, such as baby proofing. Your baby will not be crawling as soon as she is born, but she will be crawling before you know it. Time is sure to escape you in the months leading up to your little one’s arrival, which is why starting early may be beneficial. Here are a few things to consider as you embark on your baby proofing adventure:

  • Outlets. Babies can easily come into contact with outlets because they are so close to the ground. To avoid a disastrous situation, place outlet covers over the outlets that are not in use. This ensures that if your baby comes into contact with an outlet, he or she will be well protected. In order to keep the safety level high, remember to always replace the outlet covers after using the outlet.
  • Breakables. Your favorite vase does a great job of pulling everything together in the room, but the same cannot be said for providing safety to your baby. Babies are super curious, and are sure to come into contact with anything they can get their hands on. If it is valuable to you, and breakable, think about moving it to a higher shelf in the room or removing it completely. It will not only save you from losing a precious item, but it will also prevent an accident for your most precious gift: your baby.
  • Edges. Tables are great for just about everything, except for the safety of your baby. Babies love to pull themselves up on things, which is great until they lose their balance. To prevent your little one from harming themself more, consider using corner covers for the edges of tables. These covers are a great way to offer more protection if your little one falls.

These are just a couple of ways to prepare for your little one becoming mobile. A great way to baby proof is by getting on the level of your baby. You may look silly crawling around, but it’s worth it to guarantee your baby is safe inside your home. Have questions? Give Any Baby Can a call at 512.454.3743

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