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Top Pregnancy and Parenting Podcasts

If your drive to work is anything like ours, you may spend an hour or more in the car each morning and afternoon. Let’s be honest, after a while the radio’s repetitiveness or constant barrage of commercials starts to wear on our already frayed nerves. Maybe you don’t mind the music, but you want to spend that time in the car learning new things. That’s where podcasts come in. Podcasts are free, informative, and cover just about any topic under the sun.

Expecting and current parents are often very busy with work and life, while also trying to learn all they can about parenting. Luckily podcasts offer a great, easy way to learn parenting and pregnancy tips while in the car, at work, taking the kids to school, or doing chores around the house. Just grab your mobile phone, or pull up the podcast’s website on your computer, and hit play for some great tips.

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular and top-rated pregnancy and parenting podcasts (don’t worry dads, we added some you’ll enjoy as well!):

  1. Pregnancy Confidential

“This podcast is a series of 32 podcasts designed to be accessed weekly by expectant moms. Hosted by editors from Parents and Fit Pregnancy and Baby magazines, each 10-20 minute podcast walks listeners through the physical, emotional and/or lifestyle markers of that week of pregnancy.”

  1. Pea in the Podcast

“Pea in the Podcast is a podcast program dedicated to guiding and nurturing you through each stage of your pregnancy. Join other moms-to-be and experts including doctors, midwives, doulas and authors as we guide you through each week of your pregnancy.”

  1. The Birthful Podcast

“In the Birthful Podcast, Adriana Lozada talks with pregnancy, birth and postpartum experts to distill that information down to the relevant stuff. From “laid-back” breastfeeding to safer bed-sharing, circumcision to VBACs, we’ll give you well-researched, evidence-based information so YOU can make the choices that best fit your family.”

  1. Common Sense Pregnancy & Parenting

“Women’s health expert, labor nurse, feminist, mother of four, Fit columnist and author of Common Sense Pregnancy (Random House, 2015), Jeanne Faulkner has been at the bedside for thousands of deliveries. She provides the honest insider advice you need during pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenthood.”

  1. The One in a Million Baby

“Finding out your child has a disability or special needs can be devastating and isolating. The One in a Million Baby is a podcast about people who find themselves in that position and how they come to cope.”

  1. The Boob Group

“The Boob Group is an audio podcast supporting parents who are passionate about providing breast milk to their babies. Each week, a group of experienced moms openly discuss their success, their struggles and society’s impact on how they feed their babies.”

  1. The Modern Dad’s Podcast

“We’re telling the stories of modern dads. With each episode, we’ll talk about the issues modern dads are facing as we try to navigate work, parenthood, relationships, and play.”

  1. The Podfathers

“Other books and websites and podcasts have tried to explain what life as a new dad is like. They have all failed. Through their own personal experiences and brand of humor, the Podfathers help parents everywhere relates to the wild and crazy ride that is raising children.”

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