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This Fall, Let’s Stay Healthy!

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Fall is the season of pumpkins, turkeys, and holiday cheer, but it’s also the season of coughs, colds, and flu. It’s important to practice habits at home that will keep your kids healthy out in the world. Take a look at the following tips from Parents Magazine to learn some healthy habits that will protect from fall germs.

  •  Regular Hand-Washing. Washing hands is the easiest way to stay healthy. After day-care, school, playdates, and before all meals kids should scrub their hands for at least 15-20 seconds. You can even teach your kids to sing the ABC’s twice while scrubbing to ensure they do it for enough time!
  • Stay Active. Whether you take a nature hike and collect leaves or play basketball on a nearby court, exercising as a family is a great way to bond and prevent illness. In fact, studies show that regular exercise actually decreases the number of times a person gets sick within a year by 25-50%.
  • Get Plenty of Sleep. Early bedtimes are crucial when it comes to avoiding sickness. Most babies and toddlers need about 14 hours of sleep. Pre-schoolers need about 11-13 hours, so you should aim for a bedtime around 8 pm or earlier.
  • Consume a Balanced Diet. We think of good nutrition as a means to prevent heart disease, cancer, and other long-term illnesses, but eating healthfully can also help you in the short-term. Look for foods with vitamin C like broccoli or strawberries and vitamin D like tuna or cereals to keep your child’s immune system strong.
  • Consider a flu vaccine. While it is not the right choice for every child, the flu vaccine is still the single best way to prevent the flu in both children and adults.

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