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Layering Up to Protect from the Cold

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It may not snow much in Central Texas, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get pretty chilly sometimes! The weather in Austin tends to change from week to week, but as it gets cold and warm and cold again, it’s important your babies and toddlers are wearing clothes to stay warm and keep cool. According to, younger children are more likely to get cold, since their small bodies lose heat more quickly. The following tips will help keep your kids the perfect temperature this Fall.

  1. Always Add an Extra Layer. Once it gets a little colder, it’s important to remember that babies and toddlers usually need one more layer than you need as an adult. This means that if you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt, baby should be wearing long sleeves and a sweater or jacket. It’s better that they can take layers off rather than freeze outside.
  2. Be Wary of Sweating. Once you are out and about, make sure to monitor whether or not your child is over-heated. Toddlers may tell you if they are warm, but if a baby or nonverbal child starts to sweat, the dampness of their clothing can actually make them colder.
  3. Focus on Fingers, Toes, and Faces. Children’s faces, ears, hands, and feet are the most likely areas to get too cold. Plus, we lose the most heat from our heads. This is why it’s important to remember hats, gloves, and warm socks when dressing your baby or toddler for a cold day.
  4. Know when to head inside. While it isn’t this cold yet, if you’re playing or walking outside and notice any teeth-chattering or very pink faces, it may be time to head inside and warm up a bit.

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