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Why Holiday Traditions Are Important

By December 7, 2017 No Comments

The holidays may be stressful at times, but keeping family traditions can ground us and remind us of what’s really important. According to Psychology Today, holiday traditions are particularly significant in today’s world. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Family traditions remind us of the past and present, even as life races forward. Life in the United States today can feel frantic. With the constant bombardment of emails, news articles, work issues, etc., traditions give us a welcome opportunity to slow down and enjoy our families. They can also help us understand why we work as hard as we do.
  2. Traditions celebrate what makes our families special. In a multicultural society like ours, identity is incredibly important. Holiday traditions can reinforce cultural, ethnic, and religious identity. They help us connect to our heritage but also remind us to value and respect the identities of others.
  3. Traditions give us an opportunity to practice mindfulness and reflection. When we engage in a tradition with friends and family, we connect all the generations past and present. We take a moment to honor the past and pass it on to the future through our children. This practice gives us the opportunity to reflect on where our families have been and where they are going. It gives us the opportunity to feel grateful, inspired, and deeply moved.

Whatever your traditions may be, take some time this holiday season to cherish your family’s journey and remember that Any Baby Can is here to help you along the way! For more information, visit our offices, or give us a call at 512.454.3743.

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