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Fun and Healthy Holiday Treats

By December 22, 2017 No Comments

In general, the holiday season is filled with delicious meals and treats shared with those we love. To make sure you stay healthy and fit, it’s important to look for some nutritious alternatives to traditional holiday foods. From writer and mom Jamie Harrington, here are some awesome holiday snack ideas to keep your kids happy and healthy during the season!

  1. Strawberry Santas. This fun and easy treat only requires strawberries and cool whip or whipped cream. Cut off the green top and pointy tip of each strawberry and place it face down. Then, pipe whipped cream onto the part facing up, place the tip on top as a hat and put three dots down the front as buttons. Then you’ve got a strawberry Santa!
  2. Snowman Popcorn Cups. All you need for this snack is low-sodium popcorn, clear cups, and colored markers or sharpies. Fill the cups with popcorn, draw eyes, mouth, and carrot nose on the outside of each cup, and just like that you have popcorn snowmen all the kids can enjoy.
  3. Frozen Yogurt Pops. For this snack, you’ll need vanilla yogurt, lime and strawberry Jell-o mix, and cookie cutters (any shape you like). Place the cookie cutters on a tray or baking sheet, mix the yogurt with the Jell-o to die it Christmas colors. Then, pour the colored yogurt into the cookie cutter shapes. You can even add sprinkles as decoration! Once you’re done, place pops in the freezer until cold, and you’ll have a yummy frozen treat.

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