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Benefits of Cloth Diapers

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When you think of cloth diapering, if images of plain white fabric intricately folded across your babies bum, sharp pins, and clothes lines come to mind, think again! Cloth diapering is back, and has been completely revolutionized to make them an affordable, accessible, and fun alternative to disposable diapers, or “sposies” if you’re a part of the cloth diapering community.  If you’re an expecting mother, here are some benefits for choosing cloth from the website Mom Loves Best:

  1. They are economical. If you choose cloth you can expect to save $660 – $810 for your first child and double that if you were to have a second child.
  2. Cloth is a green choice. Cloth diapers require fewer resources to produce. The website  claims that “Disposable diapers generate sixty times more solid waste and use twenty times more raw materials, like crude oil and wood pulp.”
  3. You will reduce landfill waste. Approximately 27.4 billion disposable diapers are sent to the landfill each year.
  4. Fewer chemicals will touch baby’s skin. Many parents express concern over the amount of chemicals they want their baby exposed to. Cloth diapering parents may also report fewer diaper rashes!
  5. Cloth diapering can make potty training easier. When your baby wears cloth diapers they don’t get that same “dry” feeling they do when wearing disposables. This can prompt your child to want to try potty training.
  6. They are cute! Cloth diapers come in an array of colors, patterns, and prints.

Austin mommas – if you want to give cloth a try, check out this local cloth diapering bank.

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