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National Bath Safety Month: Bath Safety Do’s and Don’ts

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While bath time is usually a fun time for parents and kids alike, it is easy to forget bath time can also be dangerous. Here are some safety reminders to keep your little ones happy and healthy during bath time.

  1. Supervision. Leaving your baby or toddler unsupervised in the bath can be dangerous. It only takes a few inches of water to drown, and an accident can happen in the blink of an eye. If something pressing comes up, wrap your child in a towel and take them along while you tend to what needs your attention. Tip: Keep everything in arms reach (soaps, towels, and toys) so that you won’t need to take your eyes off your child.
  2. Drain the tub after the bath right away. This can prevent any drowning accidents.
  3. Install no-slip strips on the bottom of your tub. If your child is old enough to pull themselves up, stand unassisted, or walk, these can come in handy to prevent falls. Install a cover over your faucet in case your child does slip or fall. This way, they won’t hit their head on the faucet.
  4. Let the tub fill before putting your child in, then test the water with your wrist or elbow. The water should be warm, not hot. You can also adjust your water heater so the hottest temperature at the faucet is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Tip: Teach your baby not to touch water faucets so they don’t accidentally burn themselves.

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