Even if you’re new to the Austin-area, you probably know this city loves yoga! There are options for hot yoga, yoga with goats and even yoga on stand up paddle boards! If you’re an expecting or new parent you may be excited to find out yoga isn’t just for adults – but for babies and toddlers, too! Baby yoga is the art of taking your baby through yoga poses in an effort to promote wellness.

Baby yoga is for any parent and is a great opportunity to include dad! You don’t need any special equipment or to already be a yogi – all you need is a baby and a quiet space. Some parents start practicing yoga with their babies as young as 6 weeks old (make sure you check with your doctor and your pediatrician first) and continue through toddlerhood.

Yoga can be beneficial for parents and babies; here are some reasons to give it a try:

  • Bonding. Dedicating time each day to focus only on you and your baby combined with the power of touch, can bring you feelings of closeness and strengthen the bond you have with your baby.
  • Relaxation. Parenting is hard work and all parents deserve some time each day to de-stress and re-center. Yoga, known for its relaxing and calming properties, can be a great way to do just that.
  • Promotes physical health. If you have a baby that suffers from gas or indigestion, the poses and movements done in yoga can help provide relief. For adults, yoga provides gentle exercise and strength training.

If you’d like to give baby yoga a try – check out YouTube! This video provides a great starting point.

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