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Family Healing Through Counseling

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At least 1 in every 5 individuals will experience symptoms of a mental health disorder in their lifetime. It is estimated that 25% of all children before the age of 18 may experience mental health needs.

Most Any Baby Can clients are going through something challenging: parenting a child with a life-altering medical diagnosis or with a developmental delay, a first-time pregnant mother, or an individual facing difficult family or financial circumstances.

While our case managers and nurses provide emotional support for the families they serve, sometimes a person needs a mental health professional who can support them during a difficult period.

That’s where No Estás Solo comes in. NES, or No Estás Solo (which means “you are not alone” in Spanish), is a counseling program that brings licensed mental health clinicians into our clients’ homes or other safe space of their choice.

“We have a staff of seasoned clinicians that are really committed to the mission of our agency. Anyone can feel very alone in grief, depression, or anxiety, but there is support. And we come to you, which reduces barriers like transportation or stigma,” says Dyann Avila LCSW, Maternal Mental Health Lead for No Estás Solo.

NES services are offered to any client or household member, at any time, should they feel they need additional emotional support. We offer individual and group counseling, family counseling and couples counseling. Sessions can focus on a variety of needs including treating mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety, coping with traumatic experiences, school struggles, family challenges, behavioral issues with kids or anything that is standing in the way of the client’s well-being.

“Our clients have a sense that things could be different, things could be better, and they feel ready to make changes towards that,” says Ms. Avila.

During the sessions, our mental health professionals address individual and family needs. Our goal is to allow for each person to have a safe emotional space to talk about what’s happening to them. Counselors provide tools and treatment to improve the individual or family’s daily life, including relaxation and mindfulness tools, cognitive behavior exercises, self-care, communication skills, building a support system, and resource referral.

“We make multi-generational impact in the households that we’re serving. We see a lot of families that want something better for their child, better than what they had, and they want to be intentional about how they want to feel, act and parent.” – Dyann Avila LCSW, Maternal Mental Health Lead for No Estás Solo.

It’s easy to run through life without intentional examination. Together, we take the time to talk, reflect, process and plan.

If you’re an Any Baby Can client who feels like you need support, contact us or talk with your nurse or caseworker about NES counseling services. We also have a specialized division for maternal mental health, if you are pregnant or have a child less than 18 months old. NES is offered on a sliding scale and the inability to pay is never a barrier for receiving services.

“I have really grown so much and I can’t emphasize enough the impact therapy has had in my life. I will continue to use the tools my counselor has given me to improve and grow further.  I am immensely grateful for this service.” – NES client, 2018

In addition to our in-home services, NES runs bilingual Moms Support Groups that are free and open to anyone in the community.


If you’re in crisis, call 911 or contact a 24/7 crisis hotline:
National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
Ayuda en Español: 1-888-628-9454
Youth Helpline/Lifeworks 24 Hour Hotline: 512-735-2400

24/7 Crisis Hotlines in Any Baby Can Service Areas:
Travis County          512-472-4357
Hays County            1-877-466-0660
Bell County              1-800-888-4036
Williamson, Bastrop, Burnett, Caldwell, Fayette County  1-800-841-1255

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